Jeff Costello, Omaha

1 August 2019

 Re: Frontline

 To Whom It May Concern:

 We recently worked with Frontline as our project managers for the construction of a new home at Omaha Beach. The project was a unique custom-build house that cost in excess of $3 million and took roughly 18 months to complete.

 From the initial planning meetings to the final handover, Jarrett was a delight to work with. With only minor variations – all of them due to changes requested by ourselves – the project was delivered on time and on budget.  Moreover, I do not believe the finished house would be anywhere near as successful without Jarrett’s guidance and expertise.

 Budget management was transparent and proactive: we were always fully aware of how expenses were being incurred and Jarrett worked tirelessly to ensure that we were always able to achieve the required quality at the best possible cost. We were provided with accurate estimates and costings on a timely basis and when changes were required were always provided with several options.

 As the build had numerous custom elements, managing the construction timeline was crucial and here again Frontline provided exceptional service. At no point did we feel that the timeline was compromised or that works were delayed due to inefficient scheduling. The site ran smoothly and the build progressed almost exactly as scheduled. The only minor delays were caused by contractors hired directly by us and outside the scope of Frontline’s control.

 Even more importantly, Jarrett consistently provided elegant and workable solutions to countless construction and finish problems that were well beyond the scope of a typical builder (or architect). He very quickly had a feel for the aesthetic we were after and was able to translate our often inchoate desires into executable solutions. In short, I believe he had as much to do with the final design of the house as did the architect and the interior designer.

 This ability to see the project from the client’s point of view was for me the most important aspect of working with Jarrett and Frontline. Because we felt that he was as invested as were in producing the very best outcome for us, we came to trust Jarrett’s judgment and to rely on his advice across a wide spectrum of issues. He was always able to find an appropriate supplier or to manage a fabrication for the myriad custom items that the build required.

 I would use Frontline again – in fact, I cannot imagine undertaking a major construction or renovation project without Jarrett. I recommend Jarrett and Frontline without reservation and would be happy to provide more detail if requested.


 Jeffrey R. Costello


Murray Hird, Cadman Architectural Design

18 November 2021

To Whom It May Concern

Cadman Architectural Design Ltd has been associated with and benefitted from our working professional relationship with Jarrett Howe, Frontline Projects for the past 20 years.  Frontline Projects have completed numerous building projects of all sizes on behalf of our clients to a very high and competent standard.  These have included new luxury homes, minor dwellings, renovations and extensions, subdivision of land and commercial developments.

Jarrett has always presented himself ethically, friendly and professionally in his attention to detail and unmatched ability to program and complete projects in a timely manner.

Cadman and our clients have both benefitted from Jarrett and his team's approach to the construction industry.  Jarrett and the team's approach to working together in a collaboration on any project holds immeasurable value.

Personally, and on behalf of Cadman Architectural Design, I would have no hesitation to recommend Jarrett and Frontline Projects for future construction projects.

Should you require further information please don't hesitate to contact the writer.

Murray Hird (NZCD /Arch)

Licenced Building Practitioner

CADman Architectural Design Ltd


Jarrett Howe of Frontline Projects recently completed the construction of our new home in Coatesville.  Jarrett took full responsibility for the management of our project.

This was our first experience of building a house "from scratch", and Jarrett's advice and guidance proved invaluable.  At our very first meeting, Jarrett listened carefully to our ideas, then came up with a general proposal in keeping with the nature of the land and our requirements.  Over the next few months, this proposal was fine-tuned into a working design.

We particularly appreciated Frontline's "open book" approach to project costing, which enabled us to fully understand the financial implications of the various options for construction and materials, and provided a means to manage the overall cost of the project as work proceeded.  Jarrett kept us informed of all actual and expected expenditure in a series of monthly meetings and reports, so that we always felt in control of what was being spent.  Jarrett was also diligent in seeking competing bids for all the contract work involved, and providing guidance regard the the "best value" option.

We also appreciated Jarrett's knowledge of the construction industry; his advice on design details; his recommendations concerning reliable contractors; and his ability to steer the project through Council approval.  His honesty, patience and ability to find solutions are huge assets.

Our project was completed ahead of time, and under budget.  We highly recommend Jarrett and Frontline Projects.

Colin Heald, Coatesville

A huge thank you to both of you for all your hard work. The house looked just magical and I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make it happen. All the guests were awestruck.

When talking with others who have had homes built it is clear to us that the visibility, accountability and flexibility that your project management provided us with ensured we got what we wanted rather than being constrained by the policies other companies favour

Your financial management of our project ensured the costs, where practicable, were kept to a budget with the potential variations clearly understood before committing to them

We had resolved not to use a building company as such again, and elected to use the project management method Jarrett employs, as we perceived there was much less financial risk to us. We are now dealing with and paying bills direct to the supplier or contractor. Jarrett’s references were all exactly correct to the way he conducted our project